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Double Nirvana

Hi, my name is Sofia and I'm from Ukraine.I can not imagine my life without ROCK music. And three guys from NIRVANA are my life

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Philip & Dime fooling around


Happy 66th birthday to the Golden God, the tall cool one, the traveler of both time and space, the visually most appealing person I’ve ever seen, the rock god, the lemon boy, the guy who perfected the art of ignoring me, the yam yam, Percy, my wonderful one, the best butt in existence - Robert Anthony Plant


Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit [Live Reading 1992]


oh kurt, why you’re so cute??


Kurt Cobain on how Ireland felt like his spiritual home (and other identity issues)

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Their last words

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I want someone to love me like I love my favorite band

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